About Us

About Us

Headquartered in Jakarta and established in 1992, PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia (‘SSI’) is a leading local financial institution.

SSI provides a broad range of financial services across investment banking, securities and investment management to a diversified client base including corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals.

With a track record of success anchored on a strong, dedicated team of highly experienced investment professionals, SSI continues to deliver innovative client financial solutions in Brokerage Services, Research, Corporate Finance and Advisory as well as Fixed Income Sales and Trading.

Our global network of alliances and partnerships cultivated over three decades have allowed us to be in a strategic position to work closely with reputable domestic and international institutions.

We are committed to long-term relationships, underpinning the financial and core objectives of our clients while exhibiting the highest level of integrity, dedication and professionalism.

We are governed by a set of values and principles that place investors first and foremost, enabling us to consistently deliver excellent solutions to our clients.

Corporate Governance

SSI implements GCG by upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, trustworthiness, responsibility, and fairness.

As a company that provides financial services, PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia (“SSI”) is committed to giving the best service to stakeholders and clients. The first-class service provided by SSI is the embodiment of SSI’s motto, “Your lifelong investment partner”.

In its activities, SSI commits to implementing the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), giving the company high competitiveness and sustainable growth. SSI implements GCG by upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, trustworthiness, responsibility, and fairness.

SSI continuously makes efforts to manage itself in a professional, transparent and efficient manner, while also empowering and increasing the independence of its organs. Those efforts are carried out based on moral values and compliance with applicable laws and regulations, especially POJK No. 57/POJK.0/2017 concerning Implementation of Good Corporate Governance for Securities Companies Conducting Business Activities as Underwriters and Broker — Dealers.


Earn the status as a world class financial services company in Indonesia by delivering optimal capital market advice, solutions and support with the highest level of integrity to our overseas and domestic clients.


Deliver the best strategic advice, solutions and support to individuals, corporates and institutions.

Become our clients’ financial services company of choice by providing excellent research, analysis, execution and client services.

Maximize the value of stakeholders by offering innovative financial solutions in the Indonesian capital markets.

Continue training and developing our employees to become highly respected professionals with the highest integrity in Indonesia's capital market.

Place the utmost emphasis on upholding clients’ confidentiality and trust by keeping the highest standard of ethics and governance.

Competitive Strengths

Excellent Team with In-depth Local Knowledge and Proven Track Record

With our experienced and dedicated team of investment bankers, research analysts as well as sales traders and dealers, we have built a solid reputation based on our consistent track record in executing transactions in various asset classes. On the back of a strong domestic network that includes private and publicly listed corporations, institutions as well as government-owned enterprises, we aim to create strategic alliances and advantages for our clients.

Dedicated Professional Team with Unsurpassed Client Commitment

We draw upon the best talent both locally and internationally. Our senior management team has established extensive experience and strong track records at leading global financial institutions. We are committed to long-term relationships that underpin the financial and strategic objectives of our clients while exhibiting the highest level of integrity, dedication and professionalism.

Unique International Network and In-depth Local Knowledge

Supported by an extensive global network combined with local in-depth market knowledge, we have the expertise to deliver the best solutions for our investors. For domestic clients, we provide perspective on strategic, management and financial market trends abroad. For foreign clients, we identify domestic opportunities by highlighting necessary success factors and steps to secure Indonesian projects and investments. The combination of international reach and in-depth local understanding results in unparalleled leadership within cross-border financing and advisory.

Access to Industry Experts

We provide our clients unique access to leading investment professionals, business owners and government officials to create competitive advantage. Strategic advice and solutions for our corporate and institutional clients are provided through our seasoned and dedicated senior bankers with in-depth market knowledge and strong network of local institutions and government relations.

Organizational Structure


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