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Evelyn Satyono, having worked at global financial institutions since 1992, has extensive banking and capital market experience. She started as an analyst at Citibank in Jakarta and later worked at Merrill Lynch Asset Management, Hong Kong, and SBC Warburg, Indonesia. Prior to joining Samuel Group in 2003, her last position was vice president at HSBC Private Banking, Singapore. Evelyn Satyono served as director at Samuel Asset Management from 2003-2009 and country representative for Samuel Beijing office from 2009-2013. Thereafter, she served as director and head of sales and marketing at SSI from 2013-2021. She received her BBA in accounting and finance at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and executive MBA from INSEAD and Tsinghua University. She holds Broker — Dealer Representative (WPPE) and Investment Manager (WMI) licenses from Financial Services Authority (OJK).